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About the Naughty Needels

Naughty Needles is a tattoo supplies shop situated on the near Sai Mandir , Pimpri in Pune. The creators of the tattoo preservation process. The Naughty Needles is run by Kawal for a tattoo, some tattoo products like Piercing Kits, Piercing Forceps , Pilers, Piercing Needles, Piercing Aftercare, Piercing Jewelry, Medical Supply, Piercing Guns feel free to walk in.

About the Naughty Needles

Naughty Needles is manufacturer and distributor of:

• Tattoo supplies and equipment…
• Temporary tattoo supplies and equipment…
• Body piercing supplies and equipment…
• Permanent makeup equipment…
• Medical Supplies…

About the Naughty Needles

Naughty Needles is promoted by team of engineers and doctors with an aim of providing safe and sterile equipments and motivating professionals and artists to use safe practices. For years, we have been supplying best in class equipments and medical supplies in US and South Asian market.


Naughty Neeedles Tattoo Studio

Jai Plaza, 2nd Floor,Above Muthoot Fincorp
Sai Chowk ,Near Sai Mandir,

Pimpri, Pune-411017

982222322 | 8888866660